Natural Edible Body Scrubs


All of my scrubs are home and hand-made and are completely natural. (I make them right in my kitchen.)  They’re free of parabens, glycols and other harsh chemicals and carcinogens. They’re made with the best ingredients – food and love.  Yes, that’s right, my scrubs are so natural, that they’re edible!  So you don’t have to worry about inhaling them or getting a little bit in your mouth. I use certified pure therapeutic grade doTerra essential oils (they are so pure that they are edible).  Ditch the chemicals in store bought scrubs and try one of mine today! Arrangements can be made for pick up in the DC metro area – just email me at:, otherwise order below.  All scrubs are $15 plus tax & shipping and handling.



Coconut Peppermint Salt Scrub – 8 oz

This refreshing scrub is made with organic coconut oil and is especially good for those tough areas such as the feet, elbows and knees. However, it’s gentle enough to be used all over the body.

Ingredients: salt, organic coconut oil, peppermint oil and a lot of love!

CitrusScrubCitrus Sugar Scrub – 8 oz

This scrub is made with organic olive oil and citrus essential oils.  It’s gentle enough to be used all over the body.

Ingredients: sugar, olive oil, citrus bliss essential oil, wild orange essential oil, lemon essential oil and a lot of love!

BrownSugarBrown Sugar Ginger Scrub – 8oz

I had to stop myself from eating this one when I was making it. Use your imagination with this scrub, but I like to use it on my hands and feet and all over my body when I want to have an invigorating shower experience.

Ingredients: brown sugar, organic olive oil, ground ginger, ground cinnamon, coffee, ginger essential oil and a lot of love!


For best use, use them on wet skin.  Like all body scrubs, they contain oil, so be careful when using them in the shower. Enjoy!