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AmiCietta D. Clarke is a motivational speaker, writer, certified holistic health and empowerment coach, wellness educator and attorney. A first generation American, AmiCietta moved to the United States with her family fleeing the civil war in Liberia in the early 1990s. As a teenager, she faced recurrent health challenges which she believes led to a diagnosis of myasthenia gravis during her last semester of law school. Despite suffering from this rare autoimmune disease, AmiCietta continued working 80-100 hour weeks as a corporate lawyer at a major law firm in New York City. She underwent several conventional treatments, including medications that suppressed her immune system, steroids and surgery, but her symptoms only got FREE BEFORE 40.1worse. She experienced blurred and double vision, couldn’t make a fist or walk properly. When AmiCietta was diagnosed with steroid induced osteoporosis at age 32, that was the turning point in her healing journey. She reclaimed power over her health, changed her diet and lifestyle and has been symptom and medication free since 2010.

Passionate about educating women about the importance of eating real food, healthy living and how they can support their body’s natural ability to improve their health, AmiCietta founded Clean Body Living in 2014. This holistic health coaching practice helps women with autoimmune diseases and other chronic illnesses shift their mindset to realize that they own the power in their healing journey through awareness, body movement, clean eating, self-care, stress management and reducing environmental toxins in their lives. AmiCietta believes it is her mission to help everyone realize that they own the power in their healing journey. She has graced the stage with award winning, international speakers, Dr. Willie Jolley and Dr. Cheryl Wood and has shared her message at other conferences, galas, health fairs, churches, civic organizations, non-profit organizations and on various media outlets.

AmiCietta’s book chronicling her healing journey and the lessons she learned from it will be published in 2023. She believes that anyone, regardless of their state of health, has the power to reclaim their health and their life, by listening to their body and adopting the principles of Clean Body Living. AmiCietta received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Dr. Joshua Axe’s Institute for Nutritional Leadership.She is also an alumna of Cornell University and Cornell Law School.

AmiCietta enjoys exercising, baking, going to the spa, meditating, writing and spending time with friends and family. She lives in Maryland with her husband and twin daughters.

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