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Attractive woman relaxed lying on the grass in a parkThis is super important!  Taking care of yourself is more than just taking care of your body.  It’s about taking care of your mind, body and spirit. It’s really about doing a life assessment and figuring out what (or who) has to go and what you can do to manage the rest.  Are you making enough time for yourself?  How much time do you dedicate to self-care?  Are your relationships serving you?  How do you handle stress?  Stress reduction and management are critical for those of us with autoimmune diseases. Stress actually triggers and exacerbates autoimmune diseases.

I’ll teach you how to assess your life and what to focus on first. I also will introduce you to various techniques for reducing and managing your stress. Remember, no matter what or who you love, YOU are the #1 priority in your life. If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of anyone else.

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