Carrot Cider

It’s the holiday season and apple cider is in the air! Here is my twist on itcarrot cider. It’s one of my favorite holiday juices. Of course you don’t have to only drink it during the holidays, but I don’t do it all the time, because it sure is sweet! It’s sweet and tangy – a modern healthy version of Tang (remember that? :-)).
natural organic fresh juice of carrots and green apple
Makes about 12 ounces of juice.

– 16 small carrots or 10 medium to large carrots

– ½ an apple

– 1 lemon

Rinse the carrots with water and peel them with a vegetable peeler. Rinse the apple in a stainless steel bowl and cover it with water. Add about ½ a tablespoon of white vinegar, stir and let it sit for at least two minutes. Drain the water and rinse the apple again. Peel the lemon and chop into pieces that are small enough to fit into your juicer. Core the apple and chop into medium sized pieces. Juice all of the ingredients. After you’ve finished making the juice, mix it back and forth into another container like you would a mixed drink.

Pour into a glass and enjoy!

So…what do you think? Comment below and let me know.

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  1. I will be sure to try this one! Looks delish and refreshing. Thanks.

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